Stefan Raab holds opening
keynote speech at Bits & Pretzels
Stefan Raab, TV host, entrepreneur, songwriter, musician, and TV- and music producer, will be joining this year’s Founders Festival in Munich with 5,000 founders, startup enthusiasts, and investors. On the first day of the festival, you have the chance to watch Stefan Raab’s speech, which is a unique opportunity since his public appearances are very rare.

It’s hard to imagine the last 25 years of German TV without Stefan Raab. With more than 2200 Episodes of his late night show “TV total“, shows like “Schlag den Raab“ or “Wok WM“, his productions always reached the best viewing rates. He has an absolute „doer“ mentality and has never stopped inventing and pushing new ideas forward. Even if they sometimes sounded crazy at the time he always had the courage to go through with them and be successful at the end. Raab is an amazing storyteller who always focuses on details and perfection.

But that’s not all: With the company Raab TV he sold several of his TV show formats internationally. Furthermore, he invented a special shower head.

We’re super excited to welcome Stefan Raab at this year’s Bits & Pretzels and can’t wait to see him on stage.