Diversity - Unlock its entrepreneurial potential
As entrepreneurs, we want to build meaningful companies which change the status quo and we are always looking for underestimated opportunities.

We believe that Diversity can help us to unlock the biggest upcoming entrepreneurial potential of our time. Diversity in our workforce, in new markets, in our products, in our endeavors, in our community - in our thinking in general - will be the key for new and bigger opportunities ahead. We are all talking about this a lot, but it’s time to put this theme to the core of our doing!
This is why Bits & Pretzels 2018 will be about Diversity -
and how it helps to unlock the entrepreneurial potential.
We want to bring Bits & Pretzels to the next level. As in our previous editions, we’ll be adventuring and embarking into uncharted territory. We want to focus on Diversity in all its known and unexpected facets.
There’s a lot of potential here - also room for improvement for Bits & Pretzels itself - and we want to work on this together with our community.

We look forward to embarking you all on this journey! Stay tuned!